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How much does it cost to get married at Glen Oaks?

Every wedding has a different total cost depending on your choice of food, bar, space, etc. Shannon would be happy to make a personalized estimate specific to your events needs. 

How much is the deposit? Does this apply towards the final bill?

The original deposit is $3,000 and this goes towards the final bill.

Do I have to be a member of Glen Oaks Country Club to get married there?

No, everyone is welcome to host their wedding at our facility! However, if you happen to know someone who is a member, they can sponsor you, giving you a $500 discount.

What is the maximum capacity?

Our facility can fit up to 300 people by using all three pieces of our ballroom.

Can I use an outside caterer?

Glen Oaks is a full-service caterer so we do not allow outside food or beverage. However, we do allow outside wedding desserts from a licensed vendor.

How do I schedule a tour?

Email our Director of Events, Shannon Stephany, at with a few dates and times that you had in mind. She is in the office Tuesday-Saturday.

How does the gate work with weddings?

We direct guests to enter via our South gate to expedite the process. We hire someone to manage this normally un-manned entrance for the beginning of the guest arrival time in order to prevent congestion. Guests are then able to exit from either gate. We provide a map digitally for you to include in your invites and wedding websites. Shuttles, Ubers, etc. may use North entrance.

How does parking work at Glen Oaks?

We have ample surface lot parking that is complimentary. Cars can be left overnight if needed and picked up the next day.

When do I get access to the event space for my wedding?

We guarantee access at 8 AM on the day of your wedding. If there is not event the day prior, we do allow set-up to be done earlier. Please note all events need to have music concluded by midnight.

How can I check if the date I desire is available?

Email our Director of Events, Shannon Stephany, at and she can confirm dates with you.

Can I put a temporary hold on a date?

Yes, Shannon does allow a short hold for up to a week. There is no money needed to put down to do this. After a week the decision needs to be made to release or progress with booking.

Does Glen Oaks have décor I can use?

We have minimal centerpieces available for purchase. However, we do allow outside vendors to create centerpieces for you to have brought in. Shannon has a preferred vendor list and will make vendor recommendations as well.