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Course Renovation
Led by master golf course architect, Dennis Wise, Glen Oaks embarked on a major renovation project that started in 2016 and was completed in 2017. Whether it was upgrading every sand trap, all-new cart paths, the dramatic reshaping of Hole 4 or the member-driven stone bridge that adds an iconic finish to your round of golf, this project was fueled by our team who is dedicated to providing the absolute best golfing experience for our valued members and their guests.

Hole 1 - The Shoot - Par 4
Welcome to where you want to be! Our first hole has always been a beautiful way to start your round, but this hole was improved with new sand traps.

Hole 2 - The View - Par 3

The elevated tee box provides an epic view of the left-side pond and new front bunker.

Hole 3 - Connolly Farm - Par 4
This hole got a major upgrade with an extended fairway, new fairway bunkers, a large stone valley and new left-side bunkers. Other bunkers were removed as we worked to stay true to our Fazio course design.

Hole 4 - Go For It - Par 4
We completed a total redesign on this hole. Many will remember the dog leg left and the three tier green, but now this hole is reworked to tempt anyone on the tee, to go for the green. The tee boxes were raised, the bridge was rebuilt, trees were cleared, four new bunkers were built and an entirely new green was created.

Hole 5 - The Falls - Par 3
New bunkers and work around the green maintains this water hole's beautiful challenge.

Hole 6 - Par 4
More new bunkers on this uphill battle gives players a tempting way to score, but the new left-side gully is a trap many players will find themselves working to scramble from.

Hole 7 - The Tower - Par 4
All-new fairway bunkers, a clearing of trees and work around the green was a nice improvement on this dog leg.

Hole 8 - Field of Dreams - Par 4
With it's dauntingly beautiful view from the tee, this hole had serious bunker work that demands attention from any golfer.

Hole 9 - Irresistible - Par 5
Along with optimizing the tree count surrounding the fairway, the green received the most attention with shifted bunkers.

Hole 10 - Natural - Par 4
New fairway and green-side bunkers allow players to enjoy the turn if they can avoid trouble on each side.

Hole 11 - Far & Away - Par 5
The second Par 5 has new bunkers on each side of the fairway and protecting the green.

Hole 12 - Fuller's Way - Par 4
Improved bunkers along the fairway and around the green makes for a subtle improvement on this hole.

Hole 13 - Water's Edge - Par 4
New bunkers accentuate the beauty of this pond-side hole.

Hole 14 - Oh My - Par 3
The new front-side bunker protects the enlarged green ready for divots from a short tee shot.

Hole 15 - The Gamble - Par 5
Whether you go for the green on your second shot is up to you, but either way you'll enjoy the new fairway bunker and improvements around the green.

Hole 16 - The Pointe - Par 3
Trees were cleared and new bunkers make this short tee shot another chance to score before the true test begins.

Hole 17 - Double Trouble - Par 4
Polish work on each side of the fairway and new bunkers maintain this hole's well-deserved status as course's hardest hole.

Hole 18 - Royal Oak - Par 4
After enjoying the ride over our all-new stone bridge, you'll finish the round in style. Tee boxes were improved, short trees were cleared on the right, but new left-side bunkers create a beautiful, but challenging tee shot. The approach is your most iconic view on the course, but the new front and right-side bunkers protect the tiered green that adds one more hint of fun pressure as you close the round.

The Glen Oaks Team
Special thanks to our members, investors, leadership team and the entire grounds crew!