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A couple rules to keep in mind:
  • Running, boisterous or rough play is not permitted. 
  • No diving allowed. 
  • Children wearing diapers are not permitted in the Pool unless the diapers are “swim diapers.” 
  • Only beverages and food purchased from the Club may be consumed in the Pool area. No coolers shall be allowed. 
  • Lifeguards will have full authority to enforce the Rules of the Pool and any infractions shall be reported to the Aquatics Director. 
  • No Member may authorize anyone other than Club swim staff to teach, train or give lessons at the Club Pool. 
  • Parents are responsible for, and must control, their children with due regard for the comfort and convenience of our Members.
  • The outdoor pools will be open when the outside temperature reaches 69 degrees or warmer. The pools will be closed during inclement weather. The Club shall have authority to regulate hours of operation of the Pool facilities as deemed necessary. 
  • Members who are not 48" in height will be required to pass a swim test to utilize the slide in the main pool area. 
  • Any guest not an immediate family member or eligible dependent on the membership will be considered a guest and is eligible for pool guest fees. 
private lessons

Performed in a one-on-one setting, our private swim lessons offer your swimmer personal attention that ensures maximum progression over the course of the session. Taught by our certified and experienced instructors, our lessons also allow for better customization to address each child’s specific needs.

Participation Fees:
One on One: $90 for 6 x 30 minute lessons
*Fees are subject to change*